Master’s thesis – Management

Since the mid-nineties, a boom in management related to studies has begun in UK does it attract so many people every year? The answer is simple. Management studies still guarantee a wide range of interesting specializations and, after graduation, equally wide opportunities on the labor market. Management has been separated as a separate science in economics as a result of the huge demand for highly qualified specialists in management of narrower areas of economic activity. The effect of this process is the currently observed fragmentation of management as a science, for narrow specializations, among which the most popular are managed and marketing, financial management, human resources management, and business management. Every year, universities provide thousands of graduates operating on the English market, perfectly prepared to take manager positions with key decision-making competences in the future.

Description of the direction

The main goal during the undergraduate and master’s degree studies is to gain the student theoretical and practical knowledge in all key areas related to the functioning of the company. For this reason, the study program covers issues such as marketing, economic and financial law, and economics. It is also very important to acquire valuable soft skills – negotiation, motivation and training skills, as well as related to team management. All of them make future managers easier to navigate in a corporate environment on a daily basis. The art of management consists, among others, in combining independence with the ability to work in a team – there is no place for conflicts in the company.

The success on the labor market referred to by the graduate of management is strictly dependent on the specialization that he / she chooses. Currently, specialists in the field of financial management and risk management are the most desirable on the market. They have the best chance of relatively quickly taking over managerial and executive positions. At the same time, these two specializations are considered to be the most time-consuming and demanding.

Professional perspectives

The most lucrative jobs await educated management specialists primarily in the largest enterprises and state treasury companies present on the European market, which, however, are often given away from the political key. Therefore, at the beginning of your career, it is better to count on employment in the private sector. International corporations, especially for talented graduates in management majors, have been creating special managerial programs that constitute a model career path in a company for several years. The several-year program offers learning about all aspects of management within the company, and usually guarantees permanent employment in a department optimally suited to the candidate’s competences.

Studies show that nowadays more and more brilliant market successes of young private entrepreneurs are graduates of management. No wonder – in their case, the practical and theoretical knowledge gained during their studies determines the success in running their own company. Knowledge of the rules governing law and economics, and above all, skilful use of them. Management graduates know perfectly well how to run a business, are prepared to make important decisions independently. They have comprehensive knowledge of all important aspects of running a business, as well as the ability to establish relationships with business partners and negotiating abilities. Thus, practice shows that management graduates have an above-average chance of succeeding in the labor market in many different ways, which further encourages them to take up this field of study.